The Children's Museum – A Good Weekend Idea

Friday and Saturday aren’t looking too good in Austin, with cold, wet weather making it hard to get outside. The girls and I got started on the weekend early today and went to the Austin Children’s Museum where it was warm and dry.

Since Buttercup is too little to have a very strong opinion, Sparkles gets to pick where what to do and how long to do it. It is fun, because a lot of her days are organized by her parents, going here or there without her having much of a say. But at the Children’s Museum, she decides. She loves the colored light sticks at the front of the museum. She helped make the picture above. Sometimes I play with her and other times I just watch, imagining her mind at work and wondering what she is thinking.

Buttercup played too this time, instead of me carrying her in her wrap. She walked on her own, with me holding one of her hands. She could pick things up and play with the balls and books. She is so ready to take it all in.

This was a good day.

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