The Stars Aligned, In a Good Way

You know how sometimes the stars align, in a bad way, like some kind of horoscope accident? Like when Sparkles wet her pants just before the doctor handed us a pee cup, then she managed to pee again, but it was dress-up-day at school and the pee gets on her mermaid tail and I washed it even though I wasn’t supposed to, then I had to pull out the sewing machine to repair it, but we just moved and I couldn’t find it.

But, sometimes the opposite happens and things work out just right, like last Thursday, when I had a night off from the kids. I just happened to hear about Terri Hendrix at Waterloo at 5. She plays regular folk music, but with a little bit of something different in every song…

Photo cortesy of the Houston Press

then a friend of mine got us free tickets to the Grease Sing-a-Long at the Alamo at 7:30. Oh, my, some of the words to Greased Lightning are really dirty…

Photo cortesy of The Alamo Drafthouse

and another friend wanted to see some live music so we saw Slaid Cleaves at Threadgill’s at 10:00. He sounds like a good friend telling your favorite stories on your front porch…

Photo courtesy of Karen Cleaves

I haven’t had this much action in one night in a long time. It won’t all fall together like this again, all that often, the friends and the timing and everything close to each other, all on my night off. Austin makes it easier, with a lot of fun things going on a lot of the time.  And I’ll be ready, the next time the stars align, in a good way.

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  1. Jenna

    Sounds like excellent fun. I just posted on FB yesterday that I miss live music. And hey! Thursday is my night off as well. We should go out together some time.


  2. Sydney

    What a night! That’s hard to put together without kids.


  3. torie

    grease sing a long was definitely fun! I’d do it again.


  4. Ah, thanks for the comments! It was a good night, a very, very good night.


  5. […] and one more note, a few folks have asked about the Grease Sing-a-long when I wrote about it a few days ago. The Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar is playing it again July 8 – 17th. Some of the shows are […]

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