The Trip Is Now. I Leave For Lithuania Today.

Growing Up Austin - A Lithuanian Story, All the Way From Texas
I just can’t be quiet about my first trip to Lithuania and I promised a new trip, so how long do you have to wait anyway?

The trip is now. I leave for Lithuania today.

I have a hundred more stories about the first trip, but I’m done with that, maybe I’ll write a book later.

I wish I could say I will be all super-social with lots-of-posts-and-tweets during this trip, but I probably won’t. I’m going to be with the students first. I want to be present and listening and adapting the class, making it the best class that ever happened. And, I don’t know if the students want the class story on the Internet. And, I don’t know how well the Internet will work. And, I want to meet the other conference teachers and hear their stories too. Sometimes social media connects us across the globe, but sometimes it keeps us from being fully present in the place we actually are.

I will wait and see how it goes. I might post or I might not, until I get back in July. I’ll certainly be full of stories then…

Love y’all,


Growing Up Austin - A Lithuanian Story All the Way From TexasWelcome to a special series on, A Lithuanian Story – All the Way From Texas. I am traveling to Lithuania this summer to teach storytelling at A.P.P.L.E., an education conference that I first taught at almost twenty years ago. The new conference is fully of mystery and adventure. The first conference gave me stories I have been telling ever since. So, I decided to write about the trips here. If you have just joined, here is a summary of the posts. I’ll return to writing about hiking, live music and art for Austin kids when I get back in July. Information is always available at (hiking), (live music) and (art).

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