The Trouble with Socks and Shoes

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I wrote about the girls’ shoe basket the other day and, you might ask, what is the trouble with socks and the shoes anyway? There are only two problems: 1) the socks and 2) the shoes.

1. The Trouble with Socks

Socks have a seam at the toe. This HUUUUURRRRRRTTTSSSS if the seam doesn’t lay exactly right and/or if the morning has a bad energy already and/or if either of my girls are tired, hungry, moody or otherwise less than perfect. I considered buying seamless socks, but my girls don’t have a particular sensitivity issue and I get philosophical about the socks. Is it a Mom’s job to get rid of all the sock seams or to raise strong kids who don’t cry about sock seams? I’m all about the tough love when it comes to sock seams.

Another thing about the socks, all of my girls’ socks are the same style and all white. Does that indicate some type of OCD condition on my part? Well, maybe. But my girls haven’t fought over socks in years. How could they, really? Maybe it is genius on my part. And it makes matching socks in the laundry easier too.  Double genius.

2. The Trouble with Shoes

Here is some Ramsey shoe history:

A. At one point we won some kind of hand-me-down lottery and we had at least a half-dozen shoes in each girls’ size. Fun, fun, fun, you might think, but they couldn’t decide and some mornings they didn’t like any of them. I ended up hiding most of the shoes in my lingerie drawer and when they had just 2 pairs each, they had less trouble making a choice.

B. The girls’ are 2 shoe sizes apart. This is the a pain for me because it is technically possible for them to share shoes, but then Sparkles gets blisters and Buttercup can’t keep the shoes on her feet. And no matter which shoes are in which size, each girl wants the other pair of shoes. So I started buying two pairs of shoes in each style.

I see the contradictions in my own ways. If I wasn’t getting rid of the sock seams in my girls’ lives, I wouldn’t buy all one kind of sock and I wouldn’t buy two pairs of shoes at a time. And I would still expect them to get their socks and shoes on their feet.

But maybe that isn’t a contradiction, maybe it is moderation. Maybe I don’t get rid of all the sock seams, but when there are certain things they have more trouble with, it’s OK to smooth the seams a little bit.

I promise their clothes aren’t all white and in matching pairs. Sparkles’ favorite outfit for a while was a bathing suit, frilly skirt and cowboy boots, all at the same time.

Growing Up Austin

So the girls’ socks and shoes are manageable for now. That gives me more energy for when trouble happens somewhere else.

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  1. Sydney

    I like that outfit…until its time for a potty emergency. I think I’d just buy the seamless socks, but that tells you a little about my stress level right now.


  2. Oh, no, I hope you aren’t too stressed!


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