Top Ten Reasons Guero’s Makes It Easy for Parents

Growing Up Austin - Ausitn Kids Dance - Guero'sThere was a time when having little kids and seeing live music seemed too complicated. I would have to plan ahead, study the music listings, find music the kids would like, find music Blue Eyes and I would like, think about traffic and parking, think about food my kids would eat and food my teenager would eat, and well, after all that, I might as well just cook dinner at home and listen to the radio. But I found a few short cuts to all of that. One of them is the Guero’s Garden Stage on Saturday night.

This are the Top Ten ways  Guero’s makes seeing live music with your kids easy:

10. The schedule is very consistent. They have Thursday, Friday and Saturday shows at 6:30pm and a Sunday show at 3:00pm every week, without fail, and there is never a cover charge. (There is a special series on Wednesdays at 6:00 for now.)

9. Whoever books the bands is a genius. The bands aren’t ones you hear on the radio all the time, but they are always really talented musicians who play really fun music.

8. Parking is easy and free in the garage behind the restaurant. Go south on Congress, make a right on Elizabeth, then an immediate right, just before EcoWise. Remember to get your parking ticket validated when you buy food or drinks.

7. Because of all the above, I don’t need to look at the Guero’s calendar. If it is Saturday afternoon and we are looking for a place to eat, Guero’s always works, no studying or planning required.

6. There are only two minor issues to think about. One is traffic. We live north and Guero’s is south, so we don’t go during the week. The second is the weather, since it is an outdoor patio. We prefer the 6:30pm shows in the summer, when it is cooler. I used to think about wait times, because Guero’s gets very crowded, but we do early dinners, around 6:00-ish, and lines aren’t a big problem then.

5. Guero’s has a very kid-friendly dance floor.

4. Guero’s has indoor seating for dinner and outdoor live music. When eating dinner, the live music isn’t distracting and my kids are more likely to stay put in their chair. When dancing, there is room for crazy-kid dancing and making a little bit of noise that isn’t distracting to others.

3. Mexican food is kid and adult-friendly. Guero’s has simple, tasty kids’ quesadillas and complex, tasty, grown-up fish and shrimp dishes.

2. Guero’s helps me watch my weight. One of my favorite healthy eating tips from Libre Fitness is, make it calorie-worthy. If you are going to indulge, make sure it tastes really great. The Guero’s margarita is really great. So great, that I don’t drink margaritas anywhere else in town anymore. (Did I just make an argument that drinking Guero’s margaritas helps me watch my weight? A strange argument, I know, but it’s true.)

1. My girls squeal with delight when they dance at Guero’s.

Live music with kids doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out Guero’s and see if it might work for your family. Check out for more information about grown-up live music in kid-friendly venues.

(This might seem like a sponsored post, but it isn’t. Although I’m open to sponsorship in the future, maybe in trades for margaritas.)




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  1. Sydney

    I love this diet plan and my goal is to start immediately!


    Carol Reply:

    You have to remember the second half, to NOT have margaritas when you are NOT at Guero’s. That is the harder part.


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