Udpate on Jon Stewart and My Sister

Thanks for all the comments and emails about my Jon Stewart and My Sister post last week. The post made me nervous. Somewhere in there I said that my friends and my family both make me nuts and there is nothing like making everyone mad all at the same time with one post. But they didn’t get mad. Just one commenter who is suspicious about why Jon Stewart changed his name. But that’s OK.

Here are a few follow-up thoughts…

I got several emails about last week’s Jon Stewart and My Sister post talking about political debates in the family. Grown adults with smart jobs and sweet families were still hurt by family debates, sometimes from when they were kids and other times from just last week.

Families are powerful. They have special access to sensitive buttons and hidden layers of emotions. Some times when you want to respond, you can feel like a kid again, stuck in your old roles and unable to find your grown up words.

But the idea that debate should be based in compassion instead of competition, at least some of the time, doesn’t solve any problems by itself. It is a micro view of politics instead of macro and it doesn’t deal with the big problems that need answers.

So maybe it doesn’t matter.

Or maybe it does.

Maybe if everyone had experiences with compassionate debate, in the space that has the most influence on us, maybe that would carry over into politics. Maybe it would change what we expect of politicians and maybe they would communicate with us differently.

Well, I’m just rambling on in dreamland now. Just an idea I wanted to share. Stay tuned for my next political post that explains in more detail to my friends why liberals make me nuts.

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