We Must Be Very Hungry At My House

Here is the grocery list I emailed Blue Eyes the other day…

Angel Food Cake
Angel Food Cake Icing
Apple juice – boxes
Apple juice – can
Apple sauce
Artichoke hearts

then about 24 more things that start with the letter A…..

Blue Eyes was suspicious that we needed four kinds of apples and two kinds of Angle Food Cake. He was also suspicious because the list had several hundred items.

I forgot to add the filter for Needed Items on my Splash Shopper iPhone app, so I sent him a list of every item we have ever purchased at H-E-B in the last two years.

Oh, my, we must be hungry at my house.


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  1. What is angel food icing? And just plain appetizer? Though to be honest, the four apple products probably wouldn’t have phased either me or my husband, apples are popular around here!
    Wiley recently posted..No "something"


    Carol Reply:


    Angel Food icing is that fluffy egg white icing. It isn’t really related to Angel Food cakes, except my Mom used to make a princess crown cake for my birthdays, with the tall, round Angel Food cake, the fluffy white egg white icing and sprinkles.


  2. Michelle B

    I buy 3 types of applesauce! In the costco size Jug, in little cups for easy transport, and in the squirt packages for the car. We have applesauce for every occasion.


    Carol Reply:

    Oh, my. We are more minimalists, maybe because we have a small frige. It is almost empty at the end of each week. But I do love the apples, they make everyone in my family happy.


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