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I thought I could post while I’m in Lithuania, but what did I know? There is to much to write and just when I get started, something new happens. I am sharing photos and quick notes at Growing Up Austin on Facebook. Click on the Facebook LIKE button on the right of the screen if you want to get those. I’ll tell y’all more when I get back.

OK, one quick picture. This man was living in a forest in Siberia after being deported by the Soviets. He made these skis by hand so he could travel in the winter. One day, he was attacked by a bear. They battled¬†fiercely¬†and he won, killing the bear with his knife. People in a nearby village helped him after the attack, so he has pictures and a story from their newspaper. He likes to tell his story now. It’s a tall tale, but I believe him. He looks like my Dad in this picture, but only in this picture, not in real life. My Dad is WAY younger.

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  1. Wow, look at the size of those skis. And attacked by a bear? I thought it was tough fighting traffic on Wm Cannon. Guess I’ll just count my blessings from now on…
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    Carol Reply:

    Yeah, sometimes history gives me perspective and sometimes I get made in traffic anyway.


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