What Am I, the Paparazzi?

Sparkles, Buttercup and I were walking around Lady Bird Lake in their new red wagon when we run into Donna Howard, one of Texas’ state representatives. (Oh, wait, before you think I must have lost Buttercup, she is sleeping in her wrap when I take this picture.) Donna Howard is another reason why I love Austin. She is a politician, sure, but have you heard her talk about policy? Oh, my, she has really studied the issues and she is articulate and smart. Think Sarah Palin, but opposite, because of her personality, but because she is a Democrat too.

I said “Hello!”, then got to thinking…

I have been so strange about this blog – Am I doing it or not? What is the theme again? What are the kids names or will I just pick new names every time I post like I have been doing from the beginning? (Update – I finally decided on Sparkles and Buttercup and updated the posts.)

Well, I decide that in that moment I was feeling confident about this blog so I ask Donna Howard if I could take a picture of her for my blog. And pretty soon after I said it, I changed my mind. I mean, I went ahead and took a picture, but I knew then I wouldn’t use it, because how annoying! What if someone stopped me on the way to the gym and asked me if they could take a picture, in my work out clothes, no makeup, hair in a pony tail. Oh, my, I wouldn’t be that into it.

Now, I’m not saying that Donna Howard didn’t look amazing, because she did. It just felt weird to take her personal time and energy when she was just wanting to get in a work out. I should have just said “Thanks”. Working in politics can’t be easy and I would like to say “Thanks” to the people in Austin who take this on.

We had a nice walk at the lake. The red wagon has been great, because Sparkles is less likely to want to climb something with her broken collarbone and Buttercup isn’t quite walking yet. And, another thing I love about Austin, is that we are doing this without jackets in February. I LOVE that.

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  1. Donna

    Thanks for the kind words and for the kind consideration re: posting a picture in workout clothes and ponytail, though I’m happy to be out there advocating for good health! We are so fortunate to live in this beautiful city with so many outdoor spaces to enjoy. It was great seeing you, Sophia, and Alana. Hope to run into your red wagon group again soon.


  2. […] It looked like him and he seemed like a person in charge, even on a run at Lady Bird Lake. And this wouldn’t be the first time I had run into a local politician on a run at Lady Bird Lake. […]

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