Who Are Those Easy Going, Laughing People at the Flying Saucer?

Photo courtesy of Wired.com

It is Friday night and I’m with the family, heading to Galaxy Cafe in the Triangle. We walk by the Flying Saucer and I see a lot of young, happy people, talking and laughing, without circles under their eyes or spit up on their shirt. I look at them, as if I am traveling in another country and I witness some strange, local custom. But this one is more familiar. That used to be me. Well rested. Social. Sometimes happy with beer…

We head into the Galaxy Cafe instead, since they have high chairs. We love Galaxy Cafe. They have healthy, good-tasting food for a good price and they are quick food without being fast food. And they have a park close, but not too close. So you can go play after dinner for a while, but if you don’t have time, the park isn’t right there, setting in motion a show down at the end of dinner.

I order a single beer with a cold glass. I pour a little at a time. I drink it slow, enjoying the taste. What makes me happy has changed. I just need one beer now. Did I tell you how excited I get when I get to go to the grocery store by myself? I LOVE that!

Sometimes I want to go back in time, to just show up at happy hour on a Friday night wearing clean clothes, feeding only myself and staying up late since I can always sleep late the next morning.

But, Noel is talking about school and Sparkles is asking for Kay-Pitch (a.k.a. ketchup) for her fish sticks and Buttercup is eating a little piece of bread for the first time. Blue Eyes is sitting next to me, sharing this with me, creating it with me, surviving it and enjoying it at the same time.

No, I wouldn’t go back. For me, the Galaxy Cafe beats out the Flying Saucer any day.

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