Why Now?

Sparkles started asking “Why” today. You know how kids do. Not just one “Why,” but four or seven or more all in a row.

Sparkles and I were in the car I told her we were going to Dr. Bell’s and she asked “Why?” I recognized the tone and the pattern and it was a milestone, she was so cute.

But it brought up a question for me. If you are taking your kid to the pediatrician to get a shot, do you tell her about the shot ahead of time?

So they are thinking about it during the drive and in the waiting room and during the final wait for the nurse to come? I was thinking of sharing that bit of information closer to the last minute, but she keeps asking “Why, why, why” is she going to see Dr. Bell?

I think of lots of answers and a few distractions and then I tell her at the last minute and she doesn’t like the idea at all, but at least it is only for a minute.

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