With Bear and Favorite Blankey

Growing Up AustinI’ve been sharing favorite pictures on Wednesdays and since Growing Up Austin’s new sponsor this week is Hazeled Photography, I’ll share this one that Natalie Seebooth of Hazeled Photography took of Sparkles and Buttercup last fall. We picked a location that was special to us, on Shoal Creek, near 40th street. I liked Natalie’s style, she was flexible with the girls, paying attention to them and following their lead at times, to get shots that captured their personality instead of looking posed. She let Sparkles hold her favorite bear and Buttercup hold her favorite blankey and those are my favorite pictures. If that style might work for you too, check out her web site for more information!


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  1. Kandi Arthur

    That was such a beautiful story Carol. Thankyou for making sure that Sophia and I get to keep in touch. She and Alana are so special and I am having so much fun watching them grow up. I will never forget how Sophia said, on our way to Whole Foods that she would never forget me. That just touched a warm spot in my heart. I am looking forward to our next hike and can’t wait!


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