WWMD – What Would Mommy Do?

We are on a walk, with Sparkles holding my hand and Buttercup in the red wagon, when Sparkles lifts her dress and shows me her panties. She has been doing this all day, to everyone she sees, so they can know that she is a big-girl wearing big-girl panties. But this time, she is letting me know that just peed. We head home, then a moment later, Sparkles trips on a rock and lands hard on her knees. I reach down to pick her up, then hesitate for a second, because she is in a dress and wet panties and I’m wearing a pretty thin t-shirt.

But only for a second because I know what I need to do. I set down the handle of the red wagon and pick her up and hold her. That’s what Mommies (and Daddies) do.

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  1. Michelle Barnes

    You are a great Mommy! I had a comparable experience before with a kid that fell at the beach and was covered in sand and wet and needed a hug. I HATE SAND!!! I think I would take a pee pee anyday over wet sand… but WWMD??? Pick her up!


  2. Sydney

    I love the WWMD?, hope Sparkles didn’t get you too wet!


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