Yes, a PURPLE Baseball!

Photo curtosy of UT Baseball Camp

I was watching UT beat TCU in the NCAA Super Regional on TV yesterday and Sparkles seemed to be paying attention, at least a little. I day dreamed about her being old enough to go to the game and I wondered if she would like baseball, because so far I’m alone in my family when it comes to baseball. Sparkles even started to cheer the good plays, clapping her hands and saying “Yeah!!!! You did it!!!!!”

So I asked her, “Do you want to see baseball in person one day?” She said “YES!!!! a PURPLE baseball!!!!!” Then she looked back at the TV where a player had just entered the batter’s box and said “YEAH!!!!! You did it!!!!”

OK, at least one more year to go. Go Horns today at 3! I’ll be watching on TV!

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