You Should Have Seen Me Be So Friendly

You know how in Star Wars, when the Millenium Falcon came out out of Light Speed, you felt your whole body change momentum, everything looked different and you sensed that you might get zapped by a TIE Fighter any second…

I felt like that some today. Nothing special really. The feel of something wet against my skin just after picking up Buttercup onto my hip, then seeing the brown, wet stain on her pants. Setting Olympic-worthy records for distance and coverage for a knocked-over cup of milk. The drama of sweet and lovely parent-and-child bonding moments intermingled with bouts of unexplained, hysterical tears.

Just a regular day.

But so different.

So different than my time in Minneapolis, when I was out of town for work. Work itself had been hectic, but after that I could eat or shop or work out or write or read a magazine. I slept all night every night. No one cried. No one spilled milk. No one pooped a runny poop in their pants.

By the end of the week, I walked with a lighter step. I smiled more. I made conversation with strangers in the elevator. I felt like a small child on Christmas morning when I got to the airport early to go home and I had a whole extra hour all to myself.

Now I’m back in the middle of my regular life. More so even, because Blue Eyes is out of town this week. But I’m going to remember that feeling of lightness. I’m going to remember it and try to get back there now and then. The young kids make it harder, but not impossible.

Some people thought the Millenium Falcon was a piece of junk and who would have thought it could do Light Speed at all? Maybe I can get back to my own version of Light Speed now and then, avoiding the TIE Fighters, smiling along the way.

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