You Should See Me Now

I could get used to this. Shopping bags full of clothes and margaritas for lunch. People live like this, I know, no one I know, mostly people on TV and maybe it wouldn’t last and it wouldn’t satisfy my deeper needs, but for today, I’m having a really good time…

I don’t like any of my clothes. This is odd, because I work from home and I can stay in my pajamas if I want. But I don’t stay in my pajamas, I like to get dressed and my clothes suck. I have one pair of shorts that aren’t too small or too big. My pant lengths are too short and the waists are too high. I have a lot of Dockers, because you can wash and dry them, but I have since decided that Dockers are for men, even if you buy them in the women’s department. I have a lot of polyester, some of my past-favorite outfits have been polyester, because, you know, you can wash and dry them. But polyester never looks really good and it always reminds me of the 70s and there isn’t a good excuse for having so much of it.

I ask my well-dressed girlfriend who likes to shop if you can avoid the dry cleaner and look good at the same time and she says YES. Give her a day with me at the outlet mall and she will take care of it. She is so eager and excited to help and I wonder how much of that is because she is enjoys shopping and how much is because I need so much help.

We go the outlet mall in Round Rock and buy seven pairs of pants, nine shirts, lots of pretty panties and cool high boots with motorcycle-style buckles. We have to make trips to the car to leave our bags. We stop for lunch and have ribs and margaritas, then head back to the stores.

Sometimes my days are hard, when one kid is screaming and the other is crying and the oldest wants to date boys, all while I’m trying to cook dinner and the dishwasher is broken and someone just took off her dirty pull-up and sat on the bean bag chair. But today was pretty easy. I try to remember to recognize the easy days, to smile and take a deep breath and save some of the energy for when the screaming and crying and wanting-to-date come back.

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  1. Put on your mask first, eh?


    Carol Reply:

    I’m wearing my new skinny black jeans now and they definitely help me breathe better…


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